Why cleanse with oil?

We first came across this about 12 years ago on a website called www.mindbodygreen.com.
Apart from it’s many physical benefits, we loved the method as a grounding ritual, a constant amidst our changeable, free-lance timetable.

And to my mind, they give the best instructional video we’ve come across, see here.

But in recent years the oil cleansing method has become popular.

It this post we’ll look at the benefits of this technique and why you should make it a part of your skincare routine.


The TL:DR version is this: the oil cleansing method allows you to deeply cleanse your skin without destroying your skins micro-biome and  without upsetting it’s pH balance. It restores your skin removing dirt , dissolving make-up and environmental pollutants and is one of the most effective methods for removing waterproof sunblock. Regular users also report a significant reduction in blackheads.

Why choose it over traditional cleansers or soap and water?

Soap and foaming chemical cleansers can strip your skin of it’s natural oils and leave it dry and irritated. This stripping can actually lead the skin to then over-produce it’s natural oil (sebum) leading to break-outs and a see-sawing between dry and irritated and oily. In some cases it prevents your skin from finding it’s natural balance. Just like in our gut, our skin is populated with it’s own delicate microbiome which chemical cleansers can damage and over time destroy.


There’s a couple of additional aspects to the oil cleansing method which magnify it’s benefits when done correctly.

Firstly, there’s the facial massage!

By taking a bit of time to massage the oil into our skin, we not only ensure that we remove everything we want gone. We’re also boosting our circulation.
This stimulates the flow of fresh oxygenated blood to our face, regenerating our complexion and leaving the skin radiant and glowing.
Circulation flows both ways, and just as we are bringing freshness, we are also stimulating lymphatic drainage which allows our body to remove and waste products from the facial area.

By applying deep pressure to areas of our face where we find tension, we can boost our skin tone and essentially give ourselves a mini-facial.
You will notice the difference even after the first time!

We love this stress relieving one from Britta Plug, it’s a totally doable at just under 2 minutes but there are others out there and why not
take the time if you have it?

One of the most important steps in this method is the removal of the oil with a warm face cloth or mitt.
-Soak your face cloth in warm/hot (but not scalding!) water.
-Wring it out and place it on your face.
-Allow the cloth to soak up the oil and the heat to relax the facial muscles.
-You can soak, wring and repeat as often as is necessary and then use the cloth to wipe the skin gently to remove all traces of the oil.

We find it important to use a very soft cloth so as not to irritate the skin when you begin to run the cloth over your face.
Which is why we have been using luxurious 525gsm cotton.
Bamboo facecloths are also a good option or muslin is also very skin-kind and can act as a mild exfoliant.

You will notice that your skin is left bright and fresh afterwards and ready for the next step in your routine!

Our oil cleanser is a carefully formulated blend that will gently remove dirt, make-up and sunblock and leave your skin radiant.
We’ve combined it with lavender essential oil which soothes the skin, the mind and even helps to balance oil production.

In the evening, we like to apply our secret weapon, Captain Pat’s Nutri-Bomb Balm as a deeply nourishing overnight mask.

If you’re going to shower afterwards, we recommend applying organic honey to your freshly cleansed skin and allowing it to sit for awhile before
rinsing it off in the shower.

Or if you’re on the go, it’s ideal to tone your skin after the cleanse with one of our Mise Freshen hydrosols; Rosewater or perhaps Jasmine water, applying your serum

If you’re interested in trying out our style of skincare routine or would like to introduce a friend to it, why not check out our starter packs which include everything you need?
-Our balancing oil cleanser
-A 535gsm cotton facial mitt
-A Mise Freshen Toner of your choice
-A Mise Serum of your choice
-A Lovely Lipbalm

Let us know about your experiences with the oil-cleansing method in the comments below.

Thanks for reading!


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