Captain Pat’s Nutri-Bomb Balm

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An insta-melting skin super-food, Captain Pat’s Nutri-Bomb Balm is an (almost entirely) organic powerhouse.

The incredibly rich, but quickly absorbed formulation is packed full of essential vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and protect your skin leaving it glowing!

To seal the deal, we’ve combined the rejuvenating and regenerative effects of 5 essential oils to keep your skin deeply hydrated and revived.

These 5 essences work together to soothe and soften your skin, help it to retain moisture, promote the growth of healthy new cells (thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles) and strengthen the underlying connective tissue (collagen and elastin)

With such a line up of active ingredients, a little goes a long way.
Suitable for all skin types but formulated especially for mature and dry skin.

We love to use it before bed as an overnight, regenerating serum.

You will not regret trying this product
Everyone absolutely loves it!

*Be sure to store it in a cool place as it quickly melts above room temperature!

Check out the description below for further details on the ingredients and how they work synergistically to rejuvenate and support your skin

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Captain Pat’s Nutri-Bomb Balm has been formulated to deliver a collection of the most nourishing and regenerative oils to your skin in order to leave it rejuvenated and glowing on the surface, and nourished and supported beneath.

The collection of oils contain within them an incredibly broad profile of vitamins, antioxidants and micro nutrients such as
Vitamins A, B, C, E, copper, zinc, chromium, potassium amongst others.

The oils are also anti-inflammatory and hence soothe the skin.

We’ve enlisted the healing properties of 5 beautiful essential oils to super-charge what is already a skin-superfood.

Rose to soften and help retain moisture.
Jasmine to soothe and heal dry skin.
Frankincense to relax and reduce the appearance of fine lines.
Geranium to help the skin regenerate.
And Vetiver to support the skin’s connective tissue (collagen and elastin)

This is probably our favourite product not only due to it’s uniqueness and quality but also because of the incredible feedback we’ve heard and gathered from our loyal customers.

People have even reported as being very helpful in cases of psoriasis and eczema though we make no medical claims in that regard!

And we haven’t even mentioned the aromatherapuetic benefits! The smell is divine, deeply relaxing and restorative.

Words can’t do it justice so we’ll stop here…

Additional information

Weight 33 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 20 mm


Directions for use

Less is most definitely more with this product as due to it's richness.

Be sure to store it in a cool place as it becomes liquid at a little over room temperature!

5 reviews for Captain Pat’s Nutri-Bomb Balm

  1. Maeve McCarthy

    Maeve Mccarthy recommends Mise Natural Skincare.
    8 May ·
    These are such wonderful products so great for your skin. I literally love and use all the products but if I would have to pick my fav covid19 product it would have to be Captain Pats balm. This product is so versatile.
    When really necessary I used as a cleanser. After cleansing in the evening I’ve used as an overnight mask. Although this balm is perfect for the face I’ve also been using it on my hands and it has really worked wonders here to rebalance the skin after all the hand sanitizer and washing. Fabulous Lip balm and cuticle softner. Just love it!

  2. Sarah Gallagher

    Sarah Gallagher recommends Mise Natural Skincare.
    20 February ·
    I have used many of the Mise Natural Skincare range, and I would recommend all of the products I have used.
    My favourite product is Captain Pats Nutri-Bomb Balm. You can use it for everything. As a nourishing night cream, on your lips or hands. It also smells amazing!

  3. Helen Bourke

    Helen Bourke recommends Mise Natural Skincare.
    8 May ·
    Captain Pat’s is my desert island product, I’d probably like it in a bigger size I use it so much. So happy to have found this stuff!

  4. Tracy Gallagher

    Tracy Ní Ghallachóir recommends Mise Natural Skincare.
    4 March ·
    Captain-Pats Nutri-Bomb Balm is one of the nicest and most luxurious natural skincare products I’ve tried. To start with it smells divine and is so soft on the skin it feels like liquid silk. Worn as a night cream, my skin feels super nourished and hydrated the following day. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  5. Áine Ní Ríain

    Áine Ní Riain recommends Mise Natural Skincare.
    8 May ·
    …I was also using Captain Pats Nutri Bomb during the winter at nighttime when my skin was feeling parched. It has a beautiful texture; rich without being heavy, also absorbs easily and gives my skin a fabulous moisture boost.

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