Mise Freshen! Jasmine Water Toning Spritz


Our Mise Freshen jasmine water is suitable for all skin types as a freshener or toner but it is especially recommended for those with dryer and mature complexions.

Jasmine water helps to balance your skin’s pH which can reduce the likelihood of breakouts.
In balancing it contributes to an even your skin’s tone and works to revitalise and hydrate your skin leaving it looking and feeling refreshed.


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Jasmine water has antioxidant properties which help to reduce oxidative stress and strengthen skin cells protecting them from premature aging.

Jasmine’s aroma is deeply relaxing and uplifting, it’s lovely to use on your pillow before bedtime or during the day to soothe, reassure and ease stress, mental fatigue and irritability.

An important step in your skincare routine, toning can help to balance our skin’s pH and leave your skin feeling cool, smooth and refreshed.
Toners are generally used after cleansing and and may be used to remove any traces of cleanser remaining on the skin.
Floral Waters known as hydrosols make excellent toners!

Because Mise Freisin means me too in Irish, we’ve decided to donate €1 of each sale to the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre #metoo

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Weight 120 g
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 110 mm


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