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We’re Irish skincare enthusiasts specialising in natural products that moisturise and nourish your skin without any additional, artificial additives, SLS or parabens. Our products are handmade, and the majority of them are vegan friendly! We have holistic approach to skincare. We use the products as part of daily self-care rituals that we developed to help ground us while working free-lance. It’s important to give those few minutes to check in and mind yourself!  

Conor of Mise
Conor at our first market

Our Journey

Mise (pronounced M-isha – ish like wish:) is the Irish word for ‘me’, although actually, it was born out of love for another! It really began back in Christmas 2007. My girlfriend had very dry hands and I’d been interested in aromatherapy for years and had long since started to wonder what exactly all the chemical ingredients in products actually did to and for us. So, with an enthusiastic spirit and the desire to impress a girl, I went about trying to solve her problem. I’m not going to lie, the first batch wasn’t amazing. I got the proportions wrong and it turned out a bit too waxy. My efforts were appreciated but ultimately the concoction ended up in a cupboard in her parent’s house in the midlands. A few months later however, her father, a builder told me about the wonders the cream had done for his damaged skin after years in the trade. Shortly after, another batch found its way into my brother’s girlfriend’s hands. She suffered terribly with eczema and she found the balm very soothing.

Though myself and the girl parted ways I continued to experiment with different ingredients and oil blends making balms and moisturising oils and masks for my sisters. Then I began to make lip balm as presents for family and friends and most recently developed a recipe for an intensely nourishing skin balm. As the years passed, I trained as a holistic therapist and Hatha Yoga teacher among other things 🙂

Since these products were created for people that I love, we ensure that all Mise products are made from entirely natural ingredients and organic products come from a source approved and verified by the Organic Trust.

Please note that Mise has never been tested on animals but only on myself, my family and friends. As with all skincare products, please be sure to test your own skin sensitivity before fully applying any of our products.