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Mise (pronounced M-isha – ish like wish:) is the Irish word for ‘me’, although actually, it was born out of love for another! It really began back in Christmas 2007. My girlfriend had very dry hands and I’d been interested in aromatherapy for years and had long since started to wonder what exactly all the chemical ingredients in products actually did to and for us. So, with an enthusiastic spirit and the desire to impress a girl, I went about trying to solve her problem.

What people say

  • positive review  I have used many of the Mise Natural Skincare range, and I would recommend all of the products I have used. I use the Rose hip oil morning and evening. It has brightened my skin and smoothed fine lines. My favourite product is Captain Pats Nutri-Bomb Balm. You can use it for everything. As a nourishing night cream, on your lips or hands. It also smells amazing. I would recommend trying some (or all) of these products.

    Sarah Gallagher Avatar Sarah Gallagher
    February 20, 2020
  • positive review  I love Mise Skincare! The jojoba + lavender cleansing oil is so lush, feels like you've had a facial + the scent is relaxing without being overpowering, perfect for sleepytime. Captain Pat's is my desert island product, I'd probably like it in a bigger size I use it so much. So happy to have found this stuff!

    Helen Bourke Avatar Helen Bourke
    May 8, 2020
  • positive review  These are such wonderful products so great for your skin. I literally love and use all the products but if I would have to pick my fav covid19 product it would have to be Captain Pats balm. This product is so versatile. When really necessary I used as a cleanser. After cleansing in the evening I've used as an overnight mask. Although this balm is perfect for the face I've also been using it on my hands and it has really worked wonders here to rebalance the skin after all the hand sanitizer and washing. Fabulous Lip balm and cuticle softner. Just love it! ????

    Maeve Mccarthy Avatar Maeve Mccarthy
    May 8, 2020
  • positive review  Beautiful natural skincare range. I particularly love the organic rose hip oil which is incredibly hydrating. You only need a few drops so it lasts for ages. I’ve recently started using the jojoba with lavender cleansing oil and moisturiser which are equally lovely and smell divine. I highly recommend trying Mise Skincare products.

    Kinsy Kinsella Avatar Kinsy Kinsella
    June 8, 2020